Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A long way for an energy drink

Along with my previous order from Cyberdog, I also purchased their energy drink. It does make complete sense that a company that sells rave and cyber wear would have an energy drink.  I guess it would be perfect if you had a club near one of the Cyberdog stores, so someone could go to the store, buy what they need and then go next door to the club.  The Cyberdog store would get so much business....wow.  Anyways, here is the Cyberlog Energy Drink.

This shows the name of the drink in their "Cyber" font.  This is what has gotten so many attention:

Yeah...This is on my can.  Now while I have to commend the company on their great use of artwork on a can, the contents are what really count.  This drink can reminds me of an energy drink which was released several years ago and had featured pinups on the front of each can.  Anyways, the inside drink is tasty and smooth.  My friends couldn't decide if it tasted like Monster or Red Bull.  However, it still tastes fine.  I was a little concerned about the size of the can as it was a small 250ml can.  That is about 1 cup of liquid, or 8 ounces, when most energy drinks seem to be larger 16 ounce or 500ml or even 750 ml cans.  Still, it was a good tasting drink.  So, my review of the can is a 5/5 stars or (cyberdog logos) and the drink is also a 5/5 stars (or cyberdog logos).

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