Thursday, May 17, 2012

How many points?

So, it finally is upon us: the weight watchers point system.  My wife did weight watchers for a bit before and now again but this time, the points are different.  Before, the points seemed to be based upon fat and calories, so you could get as much popcorn as you wanted with no point liability.  This meant that in theory, you could lose weight eating popcorn.  But, like everything else in the diet and food craze, healthy eating has turned from merely watching your fat intake to watching your glycemic load intake.

There you go, you heard it again.  I know I mentioned this a few posts ago, because my father-in-law was diabetic or is now pre-diabetic or whatever.  But, he has to watch his blood sugar levels and I took on the role of making sugar free and low glycemic load items.  So, what I started to do about 4 years ago, was to make sugar free things from cakes to jams and I thought I was pretty successful.

Now, weight watchers seems to be following the same idea.  Instead of that unlimited amount of handfuls of popcorn being at no cost or no points, now, they have points.  Which may hinder you and your set amount of points a day.

What I find interesting about this, and what my friends will say is cheating because I'm a chef or cook or whatever and can manipulate this to my advantage, is that there is a very large amount of food that has 0 points.  This way, someone could make a very large and colorful salad and it would take away none of your set amount of points for that day.  I see how this is starting to work.  I do have to say that the idea of points instead of counting calories does make it easier to keep track of things.  I also helps that Weight Watchers has their own calculator for recipes and foods.  This way, I can create something and check to see if it has low points or a bunch of points.

I do have to say that it already seems to be working as my wife has already lost some ounces of weight within 2 days of following this method.  Even though I am not on a diet, I do eat moderately healthy and will post anything of interest.  In the meantime, eat something yummy for me.

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