Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ahhhhh Summer...

This past Monday started the first real week of summer vacation for my son, from school.  This week has got me thinking of how I spent most of my summers as a kid and what I enjoyed eating.  I remember my dad working and my 3 brothers and I spending our summers in our backyard, playing with action figures and playing wiffle ball, while my mom was vaguely aware of our existence; as she watched daytime soap operas. We were not wealthy like some of the other families I grew up with but I remember what each morning was.

Every day, I would wake up early, sometimes before 7am and go outside and swing on our swing set in our backyard.  I would swing until I became tired and went inside for my cereal breakfast.  I always ate cereal and like most kids, I enjoyed the most sugar rich cereals as possible.  Nothing like frosted flakes and the last cup of the cereal in the box and the extra sugary powder at the bottom of the box.  After breakfast, it was time to go outside and play for the whole day.

Sometimes while playing outside or swimming in our cheap, plastic, above ground pool, one of those 8ft diameter and 2 feet deep ones, my mom would prepare a special snack lunch for us.  It consisted of a fried Bologna sandwich and some chips and a glass of kool aid.

BBQ's were not something that happened all of the time for us, so it isn't really a sign of summer for us, or for me.  I never was one for ice cream, although Ted Drews was a must at least once a month for us.  But besides eating almost anything in the hot sun, there really isn't a perfectly specific food memory associated with summer.

What about you?


  1. You never went to that watermelon stand across from the original Syberg's on Gravois???? They sold a quarter of a watermelon at a time. SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!! Best summer food memory as a kid.

    1. We used to go there and get our produce, when I was really young and when we lived in Shrewsbury. But that was long, loooong ago.