Monday, May 3, 2010

go team Umi Zoomi!

As a good father, one thing I do is try to watch a few of the shows that the kids enjoy. One of these shows is called Team Umi Zoomi, about 2 tiny people and a robot who save the world through math and pattern power.  As strange as it may sound, it works with little kids as my 2 and 3 year old love the show. Now, what does a kids show have to do with food, you may be asking yourself?  In this morning's episode, the three characters were singing about how they loved milk.  Not the pansy soy or almond milk, but good, ol'fashioned cow's milk.  The boy character was drinking chocolate milk, the girl was drinking the strawberry milk and the robot was drinking white milk.

Now, I have had online discussions with my fair share of vegetarians and vegans who claim that cow's milk is only good for cows and that cow's milk is the cause for all of the fat kids because of the sugar and fat in milk.  I love those types of people. They take something they dislike and then make up facts to prove their side.

So, what is so good about milk? A professor of nutrition and fitness suggests that chocolate milk is a great drink for after workouts:|+What+to+drink+after+a+workout

Now, I am strongly on the milk army because I love milk.  My parents raised us by telling us, as small kids, that if we drink milk we would grow but if we drank other things, like lemonade, we would stay the same. While not entirely accurate, it is basically moving a true fact: milk does help you grow. In order for your body to grow its bones, it needs a ratio of 2:1 of calcium to phosphorus.  Milk is the closest thing that you can put in your body that has this ratio.  So, you drink 2 glasses of milk and your bones get stronger, try doing this with other drinks.  For all of you soy milk lovers, first of all, your soy milk does not have calcium, so it is added afterwards.  Secondly, it does not have phosphorus, so what are you drinking it for?

Overall, I have at least 4 ounces of white milk and 16-32 ounces of chocolate milk, a day and look at me! I have never had a broken bone in my life, I'm very healthy and I am not fat at all.  As for Team Umi Zoomi, they are the first thing I have seen aimed at children that did not say anything about Soy milk.  The producers are obviously smart enough to know that cow's milk is way better for you than soy milk, especially for children.

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