Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Food in travels

While being a big fan of travel shows and food shows, I always try to eat something native while visiting other cities and countries. Every country has their own foods and reasons for eating those foods.  Port-side cities eat a lot of seafood because that is what is most abundant while land-locked places eat mostly other types of meat.  Anyways, for those people who don't travel, here are some of the more interesting things I have seen and tasted from my travels:

In the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas, this is a giant completely chocolate sculpture. This is made from dark, milk and white chocolate and is kept in the chocolate store in their shopping area.  This chocolate store also has many, many fountains and chocolate falls as well as some of the most expensive and probably best tasting chocolate and candies.

Also in Las Vegas, in another casino, is a restaurant that has a huge wine selection.  How huge?  It is more than 3 stories tall.  This tower of wine storage has an elevator that the employees can use to reach just the right libation.

This past December, of 2009, we had a trip to Lebanon.  This picture of food, was from a great restaurant.  This table, was the dessert table.  What happened was they placed maybe as many as 50 dishes in front of us to eat, I think there was 10 of us eating there.  After we were stuffed, they set up a table, this table, on the table behind us. Then they asked us to move to this other table. Oranges, persimmons, kiwis, strawberries, apples, oranges, grapes and everything else you would want was on this table. Lebanon is the country of excess, where there is always more food than you need and it is always more tasty or tastier than you thought could be possible.

  No, this is not me, but my brother in law. In Japan, they have Japanese food and American food. In every country I have been, Ireland, England, Japan, Lebanon, they have a McDonalds and in Japan and Lebanon, they have KFC as well.  This KFC, in a small corner of Tokyo, has a nice statue in front where you can have a Kodak moment with the murderer of millions of chickens each year. (I am not an chicken rights person as I love KFC).

So, I hope you enjoy the little food travel and be on the lookout for food no matter how weird or usual.

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