Friday, May 14, 2010

A Muse....

Finding things to write about that sound interesting are sometimes challenging, however finding things that make me want to cook, has never been easier.  We all started from somewhere: it could have been a member of our family, something we saw, or something we experienced that made us want to cook.  What was it in your case as to what is your story? I'd love to know how some of my favorite chefs came to their epiphany with food, in case any of them or any other chef ever reads this.

When I was young and woke up at 6am every Saturday morning, I would run downstairs and turn on the television. Sure, I watched cartoons like every other kid in the 80's, but if I recall correctly, at about noon-time, the cartoons stopped.  It was at this time that I switched the channel to PBS 9 and watched Michael Chiarello's cooking show.  After his show was another cooking show with Jeff Smith.  Then, we would switch the channel to 11 and watch the original Star Trek, but that is another story.

All of us who are into food, have a memory of seeing other chef, at some point.  Whether you were a young celebrity chef watching Martin Yan de-bone a chicken in less than a minute or you were watching Julia Child make a cake, we have memories of this and those memories stick with us.

So, as my original questions was poised and left unanswered: What was your inspiration?

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