Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sugar free and low GL apple pie

Ever since my father-in-law found out that he had diabetics, I found it a little bit hard on him.  Meaning: as a chef, I enjoy it best when other people enjoy my food and meeting people who can't eat this or that because they physically cannot take it then it makes me sad and inspires me to do something about it.  I met a man who was type 1 and he was telling me how he loves to eat things that are really bad for him.  Like he loves to eat cookies but they could potentially kill him.  So what do you do?  Experiment.

 Have you tried to eat one of those sugar-free cookies that you can buy at the store?  The sugar-free chocolate chip cookies taste like someone sprayed a pieces of cardboard with a chocolate scent.  It tastes nothing like a cookie should and that is a problem.  In regards to what I made last night, pie, I know people who always wanted an apple pie, but can't have it because of the sugar.  We are not just talking the added sugar and brown sugar but also the natural sugars in the flours and such. What I did, was make a pie crust, from scratch and then make filling from scratch, both with no sugar and low GL's.

Things like all-purpose flour and other grains have a high carb content and also have a high glycemic load, so it takes longer for your body to break down the sugars.  So, replacing your all-purpose flour which has a GL of 66 per cup with something like whole wheat flour which has a GL of 44 per cup and barley flour which has about 28 GL per cup, definitely reduces the overall GL's. So about 2 cups of flour go into the dough and instead of having 132 GL's in the total crust, I had 71 GL's, which is a considerable difference.  I also replaced all sugar with truvia and added extra cinnamon, which was enough to completely take out those added calories and GL's.  So, that cup of sugar was replaced with Truvia.  So that was 774 calories, about, and about 139 calories that was flat out removed.  Everything else was the same except I did add one teaspoon of molasses,  which added about 20 calories and 3 GL's. 
 How did it taste?  Well, if you love apple pie because of the super sweet sugary taste, then you would not have liked it. But if you like apple pie because of the apples, flaky crust and spices, then you would have liked this.  I made a perfect crust, but because the whole wheat flour became more crumbly than normal, my wife called it an apple crumb pie, which seemed to fit.

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