Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspired by a true story...

A few nights ago, an interesting show caught my eye: Chef vs. City.  This fun show pits two experienced Food Network chefs against two chefs from the local city. http://www.pietown.tv/Shows/chefsvscity.html

In this episode, at one point in the show, the chefs have to make a giant cinnamon roll.  I saw as they made a roll, as large as an 18 inch pizza, or larger.  That image got my mouth watering and I set to work last night.  I started the dough making in my bread machine, for a normal batch of cinnamon rolls.  Then after I rolled it out, I brushed butter on it then sprinkled it with cinnamon, a bit of sugar and some brown sugar.
After rolling it around, it was 12 inches in diameter.  Well, I had it sit on the oven top, under some plastic wrap and 20 minutes later, it had proofed to 18 inches in diameter. Then in the oven it went and out came a wonderful, huge, cinnamon-y, giant cinnamon roll.
Now, I know that some people like a lot of icing on theirs, but in this case, that would have been overkill.  So, a nice slice of some warmed cinnamon roll with its sweet dough and cinnamon-y goodness seemed to work for me and everyone who helped me eat it.

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