Monday, May 31, 2010

Holistic what?

In this world of new-fangled miracle pills, juices and diets many people think when they hear or see the word "holistic" they are given the idea that it doesn't work.  Much like when people hear about "alternative medicine".  They may wonder that if normal medicine is good enough for everyone else, why do they need anything alternative to it?  Good question.

Well, do you think that traditional medicine is working for you?  Let's remember that the current medical world, used to think that rubbing mercury on a part of your body that had an infection was a good idea.  They also used to think that if you had an injury on your finger, that making a cut and letting it bleed for some time was also a good idea.  What science is just now discovering, is that certain plants around the world, contain the same building blocks that our body needs to do its own thing.  So, doctors all over the world are suggesting that you eat a healthy selection of fruits and vegetables as well as certain other things.  Such as drinking more milk or eating more eggs or eating more bananas and things like that.

Furthermore, people who follow or practice holistic healing or nutrition, believe that the source is better than the pill.  For example, as yourself this question: "Would you rather take a pill to get your Vitamin C for the day or drink a glass of orange juice?"  If you would rather drink the orange juice, then that is the main idea being holistic healing: healing through food.  So, what are you missing? Do you need more Omega 3 fatty acids in your body?  You can take a pill or have some fish, olive or macadamia nut oil.  Is your skin losing its elasticity? You could take some Vitamin E pills or eat more green leafy vegetables.  Are your bones becoming brittle?  You could take some calcium pills or drink some dairy milk or eat some broccoli.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't listen to your doctor as they still have some medical information that may help and more and more doctors are looking into holistic ways to help heal. When it comes to cancer though, as my friend Astelia is finding out, things get a little more complicated.  I don't want to say much more on here as cancer hits a very fine line as if I do say that I believe that cancer can be beat by eating and having a healthy lifestyle, and someone tries it and it doesn't work for them, it comes back to me.  I will only say that people and research has shown that eating healthy and eating the right foods while having cancer has shown to be able to fight it back for good.  My suggestion, eat the foods as they are, not the pills and supplements

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