Thursday, March 8, 2012

A taste of Taste

The other night, my wife and were finally able to get a reservation to Niche.  I say it was a good restaurant.  We looked at the desserts on the menu and they didn't really seem to pop out at us.  We wanted someplace more.  A selection of cakes and ice creams doesn't sound like much, especially my wife who gets homemade ice cream whenever she wants it in any flavor or style.

We decided to take the advice of our server and go to Taste, in Clayton, about a 5 minute drive away.

The building was small, a narrow space with a bar on one side, a two chef kitchen on the other end and an entry door that opens into utter darkness with a ramp.  Taste, if you or anyone from your place is reading this, install a light in that entry way. That is a liability waiting to happen!  The front entry door opens into a small, opening area, like a 5 by 5 foot area and the entry on the opposite end that goes into the bar, has two large, thick, black curtains that you have to part and walk through to get inside.  That's great, but we didn't see it and how to get in.  On our way out, my wife didn't see the ramp in the pitch blackness before we reached the outside door and she almost fell in there.

It is arranged like an underground English bar, not really a design I have ever seen before but little pieces from other places.
The picture is not a very good one, I admit.  It is dark in this place.  It is the kind of darkness that you cannot see the correct color your wine or mixed drink is.  It is hard to describe your amazing drink's color when everything is 5 hues darker than they are supposed to.

Even though this is the bar where Ted Kilgore works at, and he is supposed to be amazing, he was way too busy for us to even notice.  I also wonder, not in a way to say anything bad about anyone, but how can you judge a bartender or mixologist?  I don't know if he came up with the drink list or if he just runs the place.  We got our hands on two seats at the bar, after we tried to get our name on the list for a table and were given one bar seat while I had to stand, in the mean time.  One of the most pointless moves: I personally cannot enjoy a bar or even a drink, when I have to stand directly behind someone and have little to no access to the bar or anything else.

We did get two spots on the bar and took advantage of those spots by ordering some desserts. My wife ordered the apple cobbler which was a very hot apple mix with a large amount of oats on top.

It was alright.  I thought that there was too much oat or granola on top and not enough fruit.  But I think it was good and we both enjoyed it.  Probably give it a 2 out of 5.

This was a glass dish which was deep with a layer of lemon custard, lemon curd and then a shortbread on the bottom.  It was tasty, very lemony and very much like a lemon meringue pie.  It was good and I think my wife liked it better than the apple cobbler device.  I'd say another 3 out of 5.

We both didn't really want to make that much of a fuss about this place until we could sit down at a table and enjoy some of the regular food.  The two desserts we had and the one drink, wasn't enough to make me think that is is the best bar in St. Louis.  Next time we come though, I'm bringing a flashlight for that front entry.

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