Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Scottish Arms

You know, I have been to this place many times and don't remember ever reviewing it.  It is always one of those places that my wife and I enjoy taking people to for their good beer selection and good food.  My wife likes the fact that the men wear kilts.  So, one night a few weeks ago, to celebrate mt wife's friend's birthday before heading off to Novak's, we went back to the Scottish Arms.

I had to get a good selection of items and while we went thinking of one item in particular, it is always good to pick a couple to try and enjoy.  First off, here is a picture of the Scotch Eggs:

Don't see anything up there do you?  That is because that by the time I thought about taking a picture, we had eaten them all.  The menu gets you four of these and they are so tasty and so awesome that they were gone, completely without us even thinking about it.  If you go to the Scottish Arms and you do not get the Scotch Eggs then you are just not cool.

So, we ordered some more things.  We then picked and received the Beet Salad, which I honestly didn't get to eat since my wife enjoyed it so much. (Not much of a blog when the food is eaten before I can take photos of it, now is it?)

We did get the Haggis Fritters and it is great.  They took ground liver, heart and kidney and mixed it up and then covered it with a breading and fried it.  These are what they look like:

They reminded me of falafel.  They came with a sauce, which really didn't add or subtract any flavor.  The first bite was filled with that wonderful, perfectly spiced, mineral-y flavoring that you can only get from organ meats.  It was my first time, really tasting these organs in this dish and it tasted really good.  I rated this an easy 4 out of 5.  (If you are trying to catch me, the beet salad was a 3 out of 5 and the scotch eggs are like a 4.9 out of 5.)

We then got the baby Bridies, which was a ground meat pie stuffed in puff pastry and then baked and they were like the best ground beef pies ever.  4 out 5.

We lastly picked up the duck, which was a duck, cooked in its own fat (confit) and then served with some cooked orange peel and some toast.  This got a 3 out of 5 from me.

Here is the thing.  If you are looking to go to a pub, a Scottish style pub, complete with men in kilts, great selection of drinks and beer, great food and football being played on the tv's all the time (real football, not soccer) then you need to go here.  Get the haggis fritters and your mouth will love you forever.

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