Monday, March 26, 2012

Catch up time

So many little things, related to food or drink happen in my life that it would fill up my blog in no time if I wrote about each one as a separate entity.  So, this blog is a catch-up.  I will give my thoughts on  a bunch of things.

I forgot if I wrote about these or not, but these are awesome.

Back, in the 90's I remembered watching a show on PBS, channel 9, called Scientific American Frontiers.  I remembered watching Alan Alda and Dr. Wolford eat and prepare this salad, which is high in nutrients and low in fat and calories.  Dr. Woldofrd believed that you could live longer by eating less calories but still getting everything you needed.  So, it wasn't until recently that I saw this online, after more than 10 years of me searching for this recipe.  I tried it and everyone thought it was delicious:

I don't know what used to be there, but this Wine shop and Tasting Bar is very nice.  I always thought that the people of Columbia could use a wine tasting bar as it would rake in the cash and this guy did it.  This place is great.  They don't sell food or even mess with it at all.  They only sell wines and then sell it by the bottle or glass.  They also are very nice and open to you bringing in food and eating it there while you enjoy a glass of their wine.  What is really fun, is getting some Thai House food and bringing it over there with a glass of wine. So, if you are in Columbia and you are looking for some knowledgeable wine people and a nice place to taste some, go here.

While in a Barnes and Noble, in KC, I found this great cookbook.  It was the El Bulli family meal book.  For those of you who don't know, besides being the best, and no closed, restaurant in the world, El Bulli did something that no other restaurant does: it makes a family meal for the employees.  After the food is cooked and everything is ready for service, the employees, all of them from the dishwasher to the owner, sit down at a large table in the kitchen, and eat together.  They eat the food that will be served that night.  What better way to help sell the food than try it.  I decided to make a menu, 2 out of 3 items, for my wife for dinner.  The first was the potato chip omelet, which was tasty.

I then decided to make the main course, which called for pork, but I had just finished a week of making all pork dishes, so I used chicken instead.

I do like my energy drinks and I always and only try the ones that do not have High Fructose Corn Syrup in it.  That is my rule.  So, here is a new one I found.

Spider energy drink, has everything that energy drinks do, and they are tasty, at least the Widow Maker version is.

Lastly, I do drink beer, but I'm not a huge fan of this one:

I don't care if it is triple filtered or quadrupled filtered, it doesn't hide the fact or the taste that it is a Bud Light. Yeah it does have 6% alcohol, which is a bunch compared to a normal Bud Light, right? isn't noticeable. (Or at least to me it isn't.)  Here's why...  the Guinness I drink, is the imported extra stout, which reaches about a 7.5%.  Did I mention that a Guinness has 10X as much flavor than a Bud Light?  What is also interesting is that my Guinness has 155 calories and a Bud Light has 137 calories.  Some may find this odd as most regular light beers, like the regular Bud Light, only has 110 calories.  So, Bud Light Platinum has  just a few more calories than other light beers: 27 more.  But those will add up if you drink yourself silly with at least  4 beers.  Then that comes to almost 500 calories that you just drank up.  I'll stick with my Guinness.


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