Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st.

I did plan on having something on here but I don't, it didn't save for some reason.  What I have is this:

Besides food, one my favorite things is to look at how things used to be and this was a large restaurant in St. Louis.  Pictures like this give me hope that St. Louis can go back to the classy culinary elegance that it once held.  Look at how this restaurant works.  Look at the giant room that they have to seat people in.  You have lights hanging down from the restaurant, large fans doing the same to keep the guests cool and even a large kitchen window allowing guests to see the workings of the kitchen.  It had a very high ceiling and white table cloths.  I also know that this was in the early 1900's.

What is sad, is that searches online have provided no answers as to what the Wohler Grand Restaurant was.  I can't tell if it did well or was opened for a short time period.  It is not open anymore in St. Louis but the idea of something being so fancy and nice in St. Louis makes me think that one day, when the politicians stop their crooked deals with real estate mongers, then perhaps St. Louis really can get off of the most dangerous city list and move into one of the classiest and nicest cities:  Maybe even get to the top of the American culinary band wagon.

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