Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Made in Saint Louis

Old Vienna Snack Food Company is the name of a snack food company that was founded in St. Louis in 1936.  It was successful but changed hands and owners many times before finally closing in 1966.  At that same time, a group of ex employees loved the brand so much that they got together and purchased the company, renaming it to Old Vienna LLC.

Now, this company has been getting more popular with rappers like Murphy Lee writing about them and people talking all about them.  Word of mouth spreads like wild-fire.  The "Red Hot" name is associated with many of Old Vienna's products, like Red Hot Riplets or Red Hot Chips.  I tend to find my way buying their products as I do want St. Louis companies to grow.

This is what I purchased recently...

This got my attention because of two things.  First of all, it is made with ST. Louis style BBQ sauce, which I like.  Secondly, the idea of a pork steak was basically invented in St. Louis.  I know that I grew up eating pork steaks and finding pork steaks as an option at every family or friend BBQ.  The idea that potato chips can taste like a BBQ pork steak, is so interesting and fundamentally St. Louis, that I had to try it.

After trying them I have to say this, through some remarkable miracle, they taste like BBQ pork steaks.  I don't know how they do it exactly, but have an idea.  I know that I invented a recipe for a pancake ice cream, that tastes just like pancakes, but doesn't have pancakes in it.  I made a mixture of flavors which are the same flavors that one experiences when they taste pancakes.  But the large assortment of complex flavors that is inherent in a BBQ pork steak, would be quote difficult to replicate.  Anyways, go get these chips.  They do taste just like a BBQ pork steak.  They don't smell like a pork steak, but they really do taste like one.  5/5 for weird potato chips!

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