Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Help end childhood hunger

So as I'm sitting here with my kids, begging that my 4 and 5 year old eat their dinner, I think instantly of the children around the world starving.  We were all told as kids that children are starving in China, when it came to our parents teaching us about wasting food.  But what is just as important, is the amount of starving and hungry children in your local area, here in America.  Looking at this site: http://getlocal.nokidhungry.org/  , you can see that a current 24.8% of children in the state of Missouri, have what is called "Child Food Insecurity".  This means that 24.8% of children in this state do not know when they will eat a healthy and safe meal.  I know that we as Americans are always looking to help starving people from around the world, but here we have starving kids in our own country, state and even city!  Are we too blind to see this or do we choose to look the other way.

I have a dare, I dare you to contribute.  What is the worst that will happen?  If you donate some supplies for a bake sale, you are out a few bucks? If you donate your restaurant proceeds for a day or two, you could be out a few hundred dollars?  http://join.strength.org/site/PageServer?pagename=GADO_homepage  Isn't it more valuable to help people?  When I looked at the list of local restaurants helping and donating in September for the Dine out No Kid Hungry, I was shocked.  This is being promoted and pushed by Food Network among other companies and corporations and the only places in the St. Louis area donating and participating at this time are chains.  Is that it?  Are there any single owned restaurants that wish to participate? The list available reads like a skipped record; "Fazoli's, Papa John's, Joe's Crab Shack, First Watch, Denny's, etc...".

You know what I want to see?  I want to see The Scottish Arms, Pappy's Smokehouse and even Mosaic.  I want to see all of these places like the Farmhaus where I know has great food and can make a customer happy, bring in even more people while it donates 20% of their proceeds during that week to help end childhood hunger in our area.

I also want to see some of these great places with mouth-watering and tempting pastries and baked goods contribute by working with me on a Great American Bake Sale.  I want to see the CEO of Panera Bread contact me about hosting a bake sale in the parking lot behind their offices on Watson.  I want to see Bailey's chocolate bar with a stand up in the park across the street.  I want to watch over a bake sale in Columbia, Illinois and in St. Louis and see thousands of sellers, volunteers and people bringing what they have to help.

So, right now it is just me and my family.  The only ones who look like they are willing to jump in there and help in the area.  If you are willing to do the Dine Out method, let me know and I'll add you to my list of great helpers.  If you want to help me with a bake sale in either Columbia, IL or St. Louis, MO, contact me as well.


I would like to think that with all of the people, large corporations and restaurants in St. Louis, that someone will help me stop childhood hunger.

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