Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wine in easy to use portion sizes

A few weeks ago while in the store my wife and I spotted something cool: portion sized wines.  For us, we normally buy a bottle of wine, open it and then have it open for a few weeks or we take low glasses and slowly whittle it down.  Then, by the time we finish it, it has been in the refrigerator for a week or two and doesn't taste as good as it should have or as it did when we started.  Someone has come up with a solution!

You are seeing it correctly.  These are little plastic containers with a lid.  Each one of these is a correct portion size, a glass of wine.  It can be easily put into a fridge because of its short size and never has to worry about coming into contact with the cork.  It is air tight sealed and works.  We tried the Zin and it was very tasty, even though we normally don't drink that kind.  This brand had other flavors as well, everything from a Cab to a Reisling.  The flavor was nice, not too bold and not too dry and just a taint of fruitiness to help ease the dinner down.

My suggestion is to find these and buy them.  This is a mere half glass as these smaller sizes allow my wife and I to split a "bottle" of wine and have a new "bottle" each night or every other night.  That way, we don't open a large bottle and are stuck with that one until we finish it.  Very smart idea here and more people should follow suit.

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