Tuesday, February 21, 2012

um...I just don't know about this....

I understand that celebrities or rappers may want to help advertise something after they have already made it big.  But, when no one has heard of you and you are on a bag of chips, then...

Needless to say, they taste like Cheetos or other cheese puffed products.  They are called Rap Snacks and that is Yung Joc on the cover.  Now, what is interesting, and I am no way an expert in Hip Hop, Rap or anything "Gangsta", but how can you relate or be a man of the people, when you are upper class?  From what I have found online, this man's father was the owner of a hair-care products company and landed him the opportunity to write a jungle for Revlon.  He then went off and recorded his own music under his own label.

On the back of this package it gives a different story of how Yung Joc grew up and was sparked into rap by such artists as Run DMC, Ice-T, Slick Rick and LL Cool J.  What I find interesting is that those artists all started from nothing and matured and grew up with the streets and their humble beginnings in mind.  I'd be willing to bet, a large case of Honey Dew flavored Rap Snacks, that Yung Joc's humble beginnings are like the time he had to help his dad pump gas in their $30K plus automobile. Or the time that he had to take a deposit of the weeks worth of hair-care product sales to the bank.

Anyway, the cheese things are okay.  They don't score higher than a 2 out of 5 for me, they have over 50 ingredients and MSG.  They are a little sweet, like you taste the honey part of it, but they don't rank up there with some of my more favorite snacks or flavors.

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