Friday, February 3, 2012

I have to talk about this

I'm not a big person on conspiracy theory.  But one has popped itself up on Facebook now and as a health person, I thought I would take about it.  First of all, let's get the boring part out of the way:

St. Louis is about 524 square miles large.  In feet, that would be about14,608,281,600 square feet.  That is the surface area of St. Louis County.

St. Louis City is about 66.2 square miles.  That is about 1,845,550,080 square feet of space.

Add them together to get about 16,453,832,400 square feet of space or land.

Now, let's also look at the planes that fly in the sky over St. Louis.  Let's say that they have to fly lower than commercial airplanes so they are at about 30,000 feet. So, I took the area of St. Louis county and multiplied it by the height, which would give me an amount of cubic feet. 14,608,281,600 times 30,000 equals about 438,248,448,000,000 cubic feet of space.  The area of St. Louis city times the height would also be about 55,366,502,400,000 cubic feet of space.  If I add them together, it would mean that not counting buildings, cars, trees and so forth, there would be about 493,614,950,400,000 cubic feet of space in the St. Louis area, up to 30,000 feet which is airplane level.  Now, let's say that most if not all of this calculated space has air in it.  Seems like a good hypothesis, right?

A friend who is an ex Air Force Pilot knows that contrails do exist.  They can be seen from about 26,000 feet to about 40,000 feet.  So, let's take that as a worst case scenario and suggest that 26,000 feet is where a plane is flying at.   So that is about 427,799,642,400,000 cubic feet of air space in a column over St. Louis to the minimum level that a contrail could exist.

So, let's get on with the point right...?

A post was made on Facebook about Chem Trails.  There are those that believe that the government is sending down chemicals and poisoning the people of St. Louis using contrails or chem-trails.  One theory is that the chemicals sprayed out are there to cause illness in people and control the population.  There are also theories suggesting that these chemicals can alter the weather.  But let's stay on the illness one or the control the population one because that is what seemed to be the main comment topic on the Facebook status.

First, let's look at 4 points that are in my head as we talk about this theory:

1.  If the government is using contrails to disperse a chemical that could cause illness or disease as a means of controlling the population of St. Louis, then why would they continue to help?  If you are reading this right now and you or someone you know is receiving help or aid from the government in food stamps, welfare or something else, then why would the same government try to make you sick and kill you off while providing you with money to live?  If you think the government is really trying to kill you, then stop accepting things from them.

2.  Let's look at those numbers and the math I did up there ^.  If there was a perfect, non moving column of air over the whole St. Louis area and a plane flew at 26,000 feet to drop a chemical that could harm everyone here, that chemical would have about 427,799,642,400,000 cubic feet to fight its way down to humans, without dispersing and fading into nothingness.  That would have to either be a huge chemical container or a super concentrated chemical.  If it was super concentrated, then they wouldn't fly it that high because of the plane or anything had a leak and the plane or pilot was in danger, how would they cover that up?

3.  Air currents move.  My calculations were based on a non-moving column of air space.  Well, there is this thing called wind.  So, wind could blow and air could move and all sorts of things could happen to make and dissipate the chemicals even more.

4.  Could it really change the weather?  I remember hearing and reading a while ago but think that there is enough other factors and variables that make the weather.

In the movie, The Rock, the Vx gas, which really does exist is lethal inhaled at a dose of 30 mg.  This means, that if we were say that the gas would have to be in every cubic foot of air so it could be inhaled, with air currents, breezes, plants and other factors. This would be equal to 117,892,094.8 gallons or we can just round that last gallon up.  If a gallon of this super poison weighs half as much as water, it would be 471,568,379 pounds of added weight onto a plane.  So, this would mean it is impossible that the contrail is really chemicals.

So my final point, is that it is plausible but likely not true or really effectively possible.  Also, if you are that distrusting of the government and you are receiving help from them like in the way of food stamps or welfare, then maybe you should not accept that government help.

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