Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coconut energy drink?

Rockstar tries to cash in on the recent fad over coconut drinks.  I'd say that within the past year people have noticed how healthy coconuts are and thus how healthy the coconut water is.  Now, while it is healthy to buy a coconut and plant a straw in it like those old Tropicana, most people don't think that a straw in a $1 coconut is the same thing as spending $3 on a bottle of "coconut water" drink.

Rockstar took the coconut milk to one step further.  They created a coconut water energy drink. (And failed miserably.) This new drink: Rockstar Coconut Water, Energy and Hydration is supposed to give you plenty of electrolytes and high amounts of caffeine and what it does instead is have me yearning for even water to be a chaser.

This is the Coconut Rockstar energy drink, it is bright blue and hard to not notice.  While they sport other colors on their other cans, this one stands out the most and that color difference is what first caught my eye.  However, most poisonous plants and animals wear bright colors like this to warn their predators and under that concept, I wish I had followed that with this can.  It has  coconut juice as its third ingredient, after purified water and sucrose, but it is overly sweet and just like coconut water disappears to quickly.  With fresh coconut water, you taste water with a very mild coconut flavor and a tad of sweetness.  This makes it cool and refreshing and willing to enjoy more of.  This has a strange taste and as I thought it was good, even though my wife turned it down after the first sip, I wanted to be very Andrew Zimmern about it and try it twice.  The second try, it seemed to grow on me. But that only lasted till half of the can when I noticed a rather strange aftertaste.

What is odd about this can is what it has is comparable to that of their sugar free energy drink but has way less or way worse flavor.  The regular Rockstar has B2 and this coconut does not.  The original Rockstar also has some ginkgo biloba extract, guarana seed extract, and L-Caritine.  While they have the same amount of caffeine, they don't have the same flavor.

The thing that threw me off with this drink is the progression of flavors.  You may taste sugar taste first, and then coconut and then there is this aftertaste that reminds me of butter.  That tart almost sour flavor that comes from butter is what is tasted after each and every sip of this drink.  Which is quite odd considering that fresh coconut water and even fresh coconut doesn't have that odd butter flavor.  It says that it only has 10% coconut juice and I'm just amazed at how quickly I wanted to stop drinking the drink.  I was okay with it half way and then when something is really bad but is technically good for you I think of it as medicine. You know the really bad medicine with which you feel you have to take and you choke it down?  I couldn't even do that with this stuff.  So, my final review is a 1 and 1/2 out of 5 stars.  It does get a 5 out of 5 for being a sneaky ninja and pretending to be good when it really isn't.


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