Thursday, October 27, 2011

the magical potion part 2

Just a bit ago I wrote about potions, most notably after watching a Bugs Bunny episode.  A friend of mine at work gave me a magic potion.  She also gave me a warning; "It is Nasty!"

Well, that is one person's opinion, right?
There is the Mana energy potion and I was in need of a pick-me-up yesterday.  So, pushing aside the warnings of taste, I opened the lid and smelled it.  It smelled good.  There was a fruitiness to it and smelled like the scent of a Mountain Dew.  I pulled a Zimmerman and took two large gulps to drink it all.  The first one was from the bottle and the second was after I had poured it into another cup, because I was having difficulty drinking from this oddly shaped bottle.

It WAS nasty.  It tasted like someone took some Mountain Dew syrup, added a cup of sugar and a bad tasting B complex vitamin.  I say that it must have had that bad tasting B vitamin because on the back, was a full array of B vitamins:

So, you have 10% of your Daily Vitamin C, 80% of your B1, 130% of your B3, 80% of your B5, 1600% of your B6 ans 6667% of your B12.  Combine this with Glucuronolactone (a detoxicant), Malic Acid (a flavoring agent which is responsible for giving apples their tartness), DL-Phenylalanie (an essential amino acid which helps prevent depression), L-Taurine (an essential amino acid which does about everything for your body), N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (which helps increase brain activity), Caffeine, Amylase (an enzyme which helps break down starches into sugars and energy) , Lactase (the enzyme which is necessary for the breakdown of milk), Cellulase (which performs hydrolysis), Lipase (an enzyme which helps in the digestion of fats) and Protease (which helps in the breakdown of proteins).

Overall, the mana potion has a lot of good stuff in this shot.  But, most of these acids and enzymes work to help your body breakdown food.  This means that for this potion to be most effective, it must be taken with a meal or a snack.

Its good, as it is your daily vitamin in a drink, but bad since it tastes nasty.

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