Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sugar free doctoring...

Okay, let me get one thing straight:  If you are thinking of making your favorite dessert or baked item into a sugar free item, be warned.  It is difficult! I spent a whole year trying to make a sugar free Peach jam and was able to do so, with many trials and errors.  I know that some have been working on this and have and easy time but for others who claim that it is no big deal and easily done, it is not the case.

For instance, this is my process, sometimes:

I look at the original recipe, then flat out and omit the sugar and replace it with something else.  Most of the time, if I know how the end product is supposed to be, I'll replace the sugar with a mix of other things to get the same ending.  After I get it all together, I'll cook it or whatever needs to be done to finish it.  While testing and going on, which means that everyone tries it and tells me what needs to be fixed, I take notes and add them into my recipe book.  Then I put a big "#1" or whatever attempt it is, next to the title and look at doing some research as to how to fix the problems before.

There are some simple things that you can learn.  It is nearly impossible to make brown sugar flavored sugar free material.  It is also nearly impossible to make a caramel or a sugar syrup sugar free.  There are ways and I have ideas.  I remember talking with a coffee shop owner last year and through some confusion on their end, they only were interested in sugar free syrups.  Sure, you can find sugar free syrups but look at the ingredient list on the back.  I tend to think that the less and more natural the ingredients; the better.

Anyways, sugar free lemon bars is what my wife wanted to try and so I produced it.  Again, this was attempt #1 as they have their faults.

They were a bit dry coming right out of the oven and after a night in the refrigerator, they seemed less dry and more lemony flavored.  Everything was natural used and even omitted about  2 & 1/2 cups of sugar.  So, I removed about 1,900 calories out of the finished product. 

I haven't given up on the sugar free gooey butter cake or the sugar free chocolate chip cookies. I did make a sugar free apple pie, but that was easy.  As for the lemon bars, I will try again and see if I can do a better attempt tonight. 

As with any of my recipes, if you are interested in home use of any of them, just let me know and I'll make up a recipe for you.

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