Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A magic potion

I love magical potions, either in video games, literature or in film.  The thought that a mixture of chemicals and ingredients could be infused with the ability of granting something so simple as a caffeine buzz to a whole physical transformation is always a fun idea.  This probably started my interest when I was young and playing D&D.  (Yeah, I'm a nerd, so what!)

As a wizard or magic-user class, I had spells and magical items.  When you wanted something done but couldn't do it yourself, you could drink a magic potion and have a new ability.  In video games, as early as those from the 1980's developers came up with a set number of times that magical spells could be used, using a system involving magic points or mana points.  Now, when those points were depleted, drinking a magic potion would refill those points to be used again.

In mythology, potions were used to make people fall asleep or to fall in love and even as indicated in a Shakespeare play or in Broom-Stick Bunny, any number of normally inedible ingredients are used to create these concoctions.  In Broom-Stick Bunny, which is what I saw recently to make me think of all of this, Witch Hazel is jealous of the ugly looks of Bugs Bunny, while he is wearing a mask and she creates a beauty potion to make him beautiful.  So she can be the ugliest one of all. What makes the episode funny, and so much like most Loony Tunes episodes, is that Bugs is somehow able to trick the witch into ingesting her own potion, making her a into a thin, pretty, red-haired I-Dream-of-Genie type of looking pin-up woman.  (I don't think there are any real potions that do this.) 

Now while that potion is still around the ideas of imaginary and fictional, potions could be created today to do the things the people dreamed of hundreds of years ago.  If you think about making a hot chamomile tea with melatonin in it which would help any imbiber into a relaxing sleep, has all natural items in it. What about the energy drink I have in front of me here?  My sugar free Venom drink has natural chemicals that are found in everyday fruits and items.  It will wake me up and keep my body active for the day, so it is a potion.  I know that invisibility potions do not exist however if a person is an angry drunk, then beer could be like an angry, enrage or Mr. Hyde potion.

I did study herbalism and have been interested in natural potions.  But what I have to see and wish to help push along, is the help of these herbal solutions and potions in everyday cuisine or at least sold at your local gas station as a way to help people with simple ailments that can be treated with simple ingredients.  I just think that maybe some day in the future you will be able to buy non-magical potions at your local gas station that do the effects of what people dreamed of as magic potions.  Can't sleep?  Drink a potion.  Can't relax? Drink a potion.  Can't wake up? Drink a potion.  Can't remember where you left your car keys...?  Well, with the ways that vitamins and minerals are being discovered to be helpful to the brain and memory, you could one day drink a memory potion and remember where you lost your car keys.

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