Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let us eat soap?

I don't know where it came from, but my wife had come into the possession of a soap, shaped like a donut.  Not only shaped like a medium sized donut, but it also was colored like one as well.  It had fake icing on the top and smelled of vanilla.  It was like a dense, non-edible donut.

I know it looks good enough to eat, but it is more likely to clean your insides out than taste good.

Well, my 3 year old had been running around work with this fake donut so all week I have been seeing and smelling this donut.  What was I to do?  Last night, I made donuts.  Going back on my recipe book, last year for my birthday, my wife had bought me a book and a baking pan for baking donuts.  While they may not be the light and fluffy donuts that we can buy anywhere, they are also not fried in oils which I tend to think can make them a wee bit more healthier.

Now, I had to post this because besides making awesome cinnamon and vanilla flavored donuts with complimentary icing flavors, that were totally awesome, they looked like the soap.  I can't walk away from anywhere that sells soaps or bath products that look, smell, or generally resemble foods and desserts.

My donuts by the way, the icing colors were chosen by my sons.  So, the pink icing was banana flavored and the green icing was coconut flavored.

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