Thursday, May 19, 2011

Not food, but it is natural and sustainable...

Every once in a while, I decide to post something that is not about food.  (I am allowed to do that, right?)  So, anyway, here is what I have:

My wife has been doing a new hobby: felting.  To give you an idea, she buys natural wool, from animals such as sheep, camels or alpaca and then cleans it, and felts it together.  Essentially she makes felt, just like you can buy at the store, using natural animals fibers.  She then uses natural dyes and makes art from it, or clothing, or hair accessories.  For instance, here is a picture of some dreads she made:

I know, it is not only blue, but really cool looking too!  Here is the thing, other retailers, do use chemicals and artificial dyes or they use synthetic fibers.  Now, if you are a "green" person and you prefer to have your synthetic dreads because it doesn't have anything to do with animals, keep in mind what goes into your synthetic hair.  Most synthetic hair is made from nylon, polyester, acrylic and polyolefin; which are all plastics.  So, you may be a hippie or a green person but your fake hair is made using oils and other chemicals. 

If you want fake hair, why not go natural and clean and safe.  At this etsy store, you can find natural wool dreads dyed using natural coloring agents and worked using natural means.  That's right, no factories or bad chemicals.   I always find it funny how some people will say that they are green and then go out and spend $300 on a pair of synthetic dreads, only to be wearing something that is full of chemicals and nastiness.

I thought I would mention that this store uses things that are sustainable, not created in a lab somewhere.

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