Tuesday, November 27, 2012

you did probably eat one of them

It was Thanksgiving dinner, you sat down and had a big plate full of food.  There was a turkey, larger than a Fiat, and you have a bread-like edible material on your plate.  It has celery, some raisins and some spice and you are there, ready to get a big fork full of this.  But, what is it?

I know that if you are reading along and thing to yourself, "this guy has got to be talking about something better than this," and you would be wrong.  Because this is a very simple topic that often times get construed and confused as to what it actually is.  Companies and Brands try to make this be more confusing because of what they call their product and how it relates to other topics in daily life.  You don't go to the store to buy some Stove Top Dressing, do you?

So, here is the basic distinction: stuffing is an item that has been used to stuff and dressing is an item that is served alongside of a main dish, like to "dress it up".  So, stuffing and dressing, while they may have the same ingredients, are actually only different or separated by what they are used for.  Stuffing is primarily dressing, which has been stuffed into the cavity of an animal, like a turkey.  Dressing, is that same mixture, but cooked separately without the need for an animal carcass.  Now, I admit that you can cook dressing with animal pieces, but until it is stuffed into something, even a bell pepper, for example, it is still just dressing.

So, stuffing versus dressing: stuffing is the item that has been used in the stuffing and dressing is be itself.  

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