Thursday, November 29, 2012


Whether you are a fan of Bill Nye the Science Guy (who isn't) or you heard a song from They Might Be Giants, you should be familiar with the term "ROY-G-BIV".  They Might Be Giants made this term by making a song about a magical elf, named Roy G. Biv, who lives in the rainbows and his name is the colors of the color spectrum.

To make Thanksgiving and Christmas meals more enjoyable, our family has come up with themes for each meal.  I think last year we had a Midevail themed meal for Thanksgiving.  With this year having had been Roy-g-biv, it was more of a challenge because we wanted to get as many main dishes as we could, with natural colors.  Of course the turkey and pork will be brown or whitish and of course things like cooked beets will be purple and sweet potatoes will be orange, but doing things like purple potatoes, which come out more indigo than violet and other fun foods were needed.

What wasn't covered by the "no food coloring" blanket, was desserts.  So, while some desserts were made that were colorful, like raspberry or blackberry pie, I decided that there had to be some easy and colorful desserts.

So, all my wife and I did, was take 3 boxes of basic white cake mix and then mix coloring into each before baking.  We then layered them with white icing in between each layer an don top with some strawberries.

For those who are ready to sing the "ice cream and cake" song, we had ice cream as well:

I made 7 quarts of ice cream and each was a different color and flavor.  While the cake was all the same flavor, the ice cream was a nice selection.  The red was strawberry, the orange was orange, the yellow was banana, the green was kiwi, the blue was cotton candy, the indigo was ube and the violet was grape.  I tried to use simple flavorings when I could and everything was sugar free.  I used 3 cups of fat free half and half, 1/2 cup of splenda, 3 eggs worth of egg beaters, 1 teaspoon of Xanthum gum and then mixed it and froze it. Ice cream for everyone!

So, if you have a machine, use the recipe and make some ice cream.

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