Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sorry, Vagas Vacation!

Starting on Halloween, my family and I left for a week long vacation in Las Vegas.  Because of this, I have taken this past week off.  What this does mean however, is that I have a large number of places to talk about. The following are places I intend on writing about:

Pappapsito's Catina
Xtreame Sushi (2 locations)
The Peppermill
Honey Pig
I Heart Burger
Hot & Juicy
Meatball Spot

Now, while I admit that there were plenty of meal opportunities through the week, some of those times were other meals at locations that are not really suitable for reviewing.  Like I'm not going to review the food at the cafe at Hoover Dam.  However, there were some spots that were not food related that I will talk briefly about, like The Act and Lavo's nightclub.

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  1. Can`t wait for the reviews, even though it just makes me slob my lunch at work even more. I`ll have to settle for my upcoming two weeks itinerary in mexico where i can dine to the max!