Thursday, November 15, 2012

Local Harvest cafe and catering

I've heard a lot about this place.  It has a small location in the Tower Grove Park area and has been seen many times in the RFT's "best of..." section.  But, this is the first time we have been there and I wasn't that impressed.  I admit, that anywhere that can get sustainable or seasonal foods to serve get more points in my book, but it doesn't matter if it still doesn't seem so magnificent.  The cafe has good food, as in pretty good.  I wouldn't say that the food is better tasting than St. Louis Bread Company, but it is there.  I went with my wife and kids on the size weathered Saturday and we even sat outside.

The food is alright and the prices are a bit high, for me I think.  I was hungry and ordered the Brisket, which was a sandwich with house-smoked, Missouri raised beef brisket, Gouda, greens and a horseradish aioli.  All sandwiches are served with about 2 handfuls of the Billy Goat chips.  Now, the chips are addictive.  I've purchased large bags of the chips from Dierburgs and snacked on them at work and home.  I don't like Gouda cheese and had that omitted.
Now, all-in-all, the sandwich was on a normal sized hoagie roll with about as much greens as meat.  It was alright.  I mean, I love sandwiches and brisket and get by with greens, but this was pretty bland and the brisket was okay.  I'd actually give my sandwich a 2 out of 5 stars.  It was just okay.  The chips were better than the sandwich.  Also, this plate of food was $8.50; which is the price of a small entree' at most restaurants.  This same type of sandwich, with chips and a drink, would probably be less than $7 at St. Louis Bread Company, which is why I mentioned it earlier.

What I do have to say, is even though this restaurant has a kid's meal, it doesn't seem very kid-friendly.  Why, you ask?  They had a kid's meal selection, like I had mentioned, but they didn't have lemonade.  I know, you are thinking or asking why this is a big deal?  Most parents are told by their kids' doctors or dentists that they need to get their kids to not have soda.  So, I believe that every restaurant that wishes to be kid friendly, should have at least one non soda option, besides water, on their menu.  Local Harvest had one option besides water: San Pellegrino sparkling lemon water.  So, of course we add more sugar into it to make it palatable for my kids but they still don't like it.  Hmmmm, nasty lemon water or regular tap water?  I'll admit that St. Louis tap water still tastes good, to me, but my kids expect something.  I'm not taking my kids out to eat at 1111 Mississippi, because they don't have anything kid related.  Putting cheese quesadillas on a menu does not make you an instant kid friendly restaurant.  Furthermore let me put it this way, I live about 25-30 minutes away from this cafe and I will not bother myself to go out of my way and drive there again.  There are really good places in St. Louis, but it just seemed that this wasn't really one of them.

What was also a bit of an issue was the bathroom.  I understand that the building that this cafe has is a historic landmark.  I understand that the cost of making changes like a bathroom or new plumbing would be great.  But, having one single-person bathroom for a cafe which could sit as much as 20-30 people at one time?  If they wanted to get more business or make me want to specially come out just for them, I think a second bathroom would be ideal.

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