Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks Heather...

One of the fans of my facebook page: Heather  posted that she wanted chocolate cake, with pretzels and caramel.  Interesting combination, but it did give me an idea.

What if I made a chocolate cake, with crumbled pretzel pieces and then make a caramel cream cheese frosting?  Would that work?  Let's try it.
 I know it looks bad, and it is even worse for me to admit it, but I'm not that good at baking cakes.  What I did was make a regular and moist chocolate cake from a recipe here:  which that woman got from other places as well.  Then after I poured it into two cake pans, I sprinkled pretzels on top.  I took them out, let them cooled and made the cream cheese frosting and added caramel flavoring instead of the vanilla flavoring.  When that was done, I used the frosting between the two, and still sprinkled crushed pretzel pieces on top and did it again.  It delivered what it was supposed to: salty caramel and chocolate.

Thank Heather.

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