Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to train your dragon.....fruit

I always used to think that the fruit called "Dragon Fruit" was a fictitious name and fruit.  There can't be anything that is named that cool.  It made me think that of Dragon Fruit really did exist, then there must also be a Falcon Punch Peach or perhaps a Cuthuluh Carrot or something cool as well.  But, the Dragon Fruit really does exist and has been recently found in drinks and health tonics.  I remember seeing it in a SOBE drink and remember seeing it in another drink a while ago.  The fruit though, is held high for its fiber and other nutrients, while looking as strange as it can be.
Now, I do have to say that it looks like the coolest thing ever.  It has that dark pink, light red color to it with green on the edges of the skin as well as what looks like a green tail.  The leaves, petals, or skin has a roughness to it that reminds me of large reptile scales which could be how it was given the name of "Dragon Fruit".  When I sliced through it, it revealed a rich and creamy inside, which resembled a cherry flavored kiwi fruit.
Now, while it is filled with nutritious antioxidants and other yummy things, I think the thing is what can be done with it.  I didn't do much, which is odd for me, as I merely scooped out the flesh using a soup spoon and then ate it all with a sprinkling of Truvia.  I would imagine that it could be turned into a jam, or even used as a soap exfoliater.  I think the list is endless for this mild tasting fruit.   

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