Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Let's hear it for jam!

Friday afternoon and evening was a great time for me.  To sum up; what happened was I was working at a charity event.  I had 7 jars of sugar free mango and 7 jars of sugar free peach jam for sale.  All the money, 100% of the money, would go to the charity and I even had samples out for people to taste.  While maybe 30-40 people walked through the doors only, I was happy knowing that everyone who bought a jar liked what they had purchased or just tasted.  It was good.  I'm used to having friends and family tell me something is good, but sometimes I think it is just them being nice, because they are family.  Hearing complete strangers telling me something I made was delicious, is another story. 

I was selling the 8oz jars for $3 and when I did some research at the local grocery store, I discovered that the least costing sugar free jam was $3.53 for a 10oz.  This way, I figured that people would be willing to pay for the increased quality.  Even the best sugar free jams at the grocery stores have more than 6 ingredients and mine still has four.  So, a good test of customer feedback, as it was, as it was a good idea of how these jams may go over if I go commercial next year.

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