Thursday, June 2, 2011

A sage is a sage no matter how wise....

I don't know if that is a real saying or not, but I vaguely remember it as being so.  If you look up sage sayings on google you get things like "that which does not kill you, makes you stronger" and I frankly don't want that in my blog.  (Until now, Conan).

Sage is a great plant and herb.  I have had a sage plant in front of my house for almost 5 years now.  The Romans and Greeks used this herb to ward off evil and eventually it moved to culinary uses.  It has large green leaves and even has purple flowers that grow up from a stalk.  It is an incredible plant and when used, can add flavors to anything.


I did something new to it.  I invented something.  Like all good recipes, I am calm in knowing that if anyone wishes to recreate this recipe and do what I did, that simple nod back or a credit to me would suffice.  First of all, it was a spin on an old classic.  Fried sage leaves are all over the internet as a new and healthy herb-y snack, but what they are missing, is that it is sage leaves cooked in oil.  That's not the right way to do them.  My way of doing them is wayyyyy better.

I did this using some bread crumbs, pepper and 1 egg.

I whisked the egg in a small bowl, and then poured the crumbs into another bowl with the pepper.  I then set the oven to 400 degrees.  Now, technically, they don't get fried in the oven, they get baked.  But also if you cook sage leaves in a bit of oil in a pan till they are crispy, they are not fried either: they are sauteed and then burnt.
So, you coat them with the egg, then make sure all the globs fall off and then dip in the crumbs.  Place them on a greased,  foiled baking sheet and toss in the oven at 400 for 10 minutes.  Out they come like this.  The crunch is a great mix with the sage flavor that is actually not to overpowering.  It does taste awesome with Ranch.

They were so good, that my dad told me that if he ever opened a restaurant, they would go on the menu.  I know that doesn't mean much, but I can say that I did this version of fried sage leaves first.

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