Thursday, June 30, 2011

MiO: all that it is

Okay, at some requests, I thought I would try the MiO water enhancers.  That is what they are called; "water enhancer".  As much as I want to dive in with some super secret issue or dangerous side effects, I can't find any.  The drink is tasty and comes in four flavors:
You have Sweet Tea, Mango Peach, Berry Pomegranate and Fruit Punch.  They are made with all chemicals, it appears and it is sweetened with sucralose (splenda).  Now there are some who claim that this artificial sweetener is bad for you, but only because of the process to make it.  It is bad, if you ingest large quantities of it at one time.  There are no calories in these flavorings so you could use it to flavor anything, besides water.

It reminded me of something else and upon some research I discovered that it was not connected to Pur water flavorings.

Kraft Foods makes so many other things and they are not connected to the flavor enhancers that are inside of the Pur water filters.  As I stated, the flavorings are good and tasty and come out in many colors.  One quirt in 8oz of water will give you a small taste of the flavor.  More squirts can take you from Crystal Lite to that super sweet Bug Juice/Orange Drink that McDonalds used to sell.
Now what would be fun, is to use these for other things.  It wouldn't be difficult, since they are already in liquid form.  They could be used as a flavoring agent in ice cream.   They could be used in a marinade for meats.  They could also be mixed with some multidextrin and turned into a powder to be used in some baked goods.  A friend at work suggested making muffins with the Mango Peach flavoring. 

So, my unbiased and true thought is that MiO is safe and tasty.

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