Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I like energy drinks...

I do enjoy energy drinks.  Maybe it is the flavor that they have, the amount of caffeine or the amount of vitamins.  Either or any of those may be correct but I'm always looking for something to drink and to be my coffee.  I don't like coffee, I don't know why and can't explain it.  I admit that the coffee aisle at Dierbergs' is perhaps the best friendly assault on your nose.  I thoroughly enjoy smelling the scent of freshly ground coffee beans mixed with other flavors like vanilla, hazelnut and even chocolate.  It smells divine but the taste is vastly different.  If coffee smelled like it tasted, I would love it.  It is as if coffee escapes all the known laws of molecular gastronomy.  Chocolate chip cookies smell like they taste.  Fried chicken smells like it tastes.  But coffee doesn't smell like it tastes.

So, I will start trying different energy drinks so I get my buzz in the morning and I can tell which ones taste the best and are likely best for you.  I have already tried the sugar free and regular Red Bull and wrote about them in conjunction with the regular and sugar free Monster.  Today, I have a new Monster flavor:

You read it right, the drink is called "Rehab".  It says that it has tea, lemonade and energy and is not carbonated.  The drink is odd as it tastes like someone mixed lemonade with lemon tea.  You get that warm feeling as a simple lemon tea drink and then you have that citrus bite that you have from lemonade.  I isn't that bad.  On the back of the can it lists the normal stuff, like C, B3, B5, B6, B12 and other antioxidants.  What makes this different is the inclusion of lemon juice, black tea extract, milk thistle extract and coconut water.  Unlike the other Monster drinks or other energy drinks so far that I have seen, this one actually has real things in it, like black tea extract or lemon juice.  I always wondered why people don't have lemon juice or a citrus juice in their energy drink for the vitamin C.    

If I was to grade this, I'd give this Rehab from Monster a 3 out of 5.  It is good, but not super tasty.

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