Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so proud of myself...

So, on Friday, Good Friday, I wanted something to eat and the only thing I had in the fridge was some old Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks, which were stale from 3 days old.  I was thinking about chefs who at their height could come up with a dish out of anything and I wanted to be a chef who could do this.  Chefs who have to sit and work off of recipes or cook the same thing baffle me.  On cooking shows like Chopped or Top Chef, the chefs are asked to come up with new and never before seen dishes.  So you know what they come up with 90% of the time?  Dishes from their restaurant.  If they cook a dish with the secret ingredient of beef, then it shouldn't be a dish from their menu.  That would be like cheating.

Well, what did I make?  Stuffing.  I took the garlic breadsticks and chopped them up.  I then added one chopped up celery stick, one diced onion, 1 egg and some Chervil.  I chopped it all up and added it to a bowl to mix it together.

So, I slapped it all in a pan, cooked it at 450 degrees for 20 minutes and out came some tasty bread stuffing/dressing.

That is why I am proud of myself because it tasted so good.  I took a dish, that was likely going to be thrown away and made something delicious out of it.  Try that Iron Chef!  They should have a secret ingredient of "Leftovers" and have whatever food was in the green room before taping.

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