Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Its not for girls....

My family and I go shopping at Global Foods about once every two weeks.  It is there that we buy our new produce for the most part as well as restock any Lebanese food we have used, since my wife is Lebanese.  For those not familiar, Global Foods is perhaps St. Louis's best international grocery store.  It has aisles devoted to a few countries and it is always fun going through the aisles.  You can get foods at this store that you cannot get anywhere else in St. Louis.  It is always fun for me to get some strange thing that I have never seen before and use it.  It was at this store that I bought and then first used cactus leaf, cactus fruit as well as my most recent purchase: parsley root.  Who would have thought that the root/tuber from the parsley plant could be used as a food ingredient?  My wife's family is still in Lebanon and in this world where parsley is almost in every dish, parsley root isn't mentioned in their cook books.

While finding and making savory foods is fun, what I think is even more fun, is to pick up a few sweet items from some of the regional aisles.  This time, I picked up two candy bars from the English aisle as well as some cookie like sweets from the South Asian aisle.

 First we have the Yorkie.  As you can see, it's not for girls.  This candy bar comes from the UK and tastes like a chocolate bar.  Nothing but pure milk chocolate make up this confectionery treat.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

This is Boost, a candy bar from the UK as well.  This one, on the wrapper, says "Get boosted with milk chocolate caramel & biscuit energy."  Well, what is it?  Its a Twix candy bar, but instead of having the caramel on top of the cookie, in the chocolate, they are side by side.  It was good and a 3 out of 5 as well.

 These little cookie things are made in the Philippines and have a savory crust with a semi-sweet peanut butter filling.  The shell, the crust, is very much like a simple cracker, allowing the inside filling to overcome both with the flavor.  Pretty tasty, the bag was like 39 cents and was tasty for a quick snack.  I'd give it a 3 out of 5 as well.

This is a sherbet candy with a black licorice whip right down the middle.  When you open it up, or at least my experience, the sherbet candy, which was supposed to be like a powder so you can lick the licorice and then dip in the candy.  Well, it turned solid, like an almost solid candy but with every bite, it turned to powder.
This is what pulled out of the container.  Now, the thing is this:  While it wasn't what it was supposed to be or how it was supposed to be presented to me, the idea of having a candy powder that tasted amazing like lemon sherbet, worked well and that licorice was some of the best I had ever had.  I think this was also under a $1.  All in all, I would give this a 3 &1/2 and of 5, because of the quality of flavors.

Stay tuned for next time when I try some more different and unusual snacks.

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