Thursday, January 6, 2011

How much is too much chocolate

Yes folks, God is smiling down upon our tiny human minds as he has given us, with the help of a talented writer, a cookbook: an instruction manual, of how to infuse our favorite desserts with alcohol.  Sure, you may think that your chocolate pecan pie is good, but can you imagine how good it will taste with a cup of whiskey?  :)

Before we settled into our Christmas vacation, I made my favorite recipe from the book, to be given to my son's teachers at his school.  The recipe in question: Jagermeister Fudy Brwonies.

The book is called Elegantly Easy Liqueur Desserts and is where all of these great recipes are from.

This is the book that has great things like the Jack Daniels Whiskey and chocolate pecan pie and it is delicious.  There are also some great creme brulee recipes and other fun things that would make your next party look like some fancy swing-dig.

This brownie recipe has 1/2 cup of the tasty liqueur in the batter and then some more in a chocolate glaze for on top of the brownies.  Let us not forget to mention the 6 ounces of chocolate in the batter and the 9 ounces in the sauce.  The recipe calls for walnuts, which I omit, and it still comes out with a perfect consistency and texture.

This book is highly recommended and for that price , I suggest you pick it up.

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