Monday, July 19, 2010

The mana was bread!

Whenever someone mentions the word "man" I remember what I was taught in Sunday School, that mana was "bread from heaven".  The thought of eating heavenly bread that would fill you up physically and spiritually sounds like an awesome recipe and one that would bring in plenty of profits. I know that the smell of fresh bread is intoxicating to many people, including myself, so imagine how the scent of heavenly bread would taste.

Bread is not a mystery as it has been used as a source of food and nourishment as far back as the Neolithic age (9500 BC).  Breads have always been made from a simple combination of water and grains/flour.  It wasn't until last night when I was figuring out the calorie count for a pie I made, that I noticed how important bread was and still is for civilizations. 

One cup, of bleached, enriched and all purpose wheat flour has about 455 calories.  That is one cup of just flour and it has the same calories as some items as McDonald's. Now, in today's times, the FDA suggests that the average person needs a 2,000 calorie diet to stay healthy and alive.  So, think of almost 1/4th of that daily amount of calories can be found in just one cup of white flour.  Think of the potential and the incredible thing that flour is, in this case.  It's light, in mass, and yet has so much healthy nutrition to it.  

No wonder that when the writers of the Bible thought of something that would save the people from hunger, it wasn't wine, or mutton, but bread.

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