Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything is impossible

Whether you turned your back on Robert Irvine during his little stint or not, you cannot help but to admit that he does know what he is doing.  If you may recall, Robert started his show be saying how he cooked for Charles and Diana as well as the President.  Well, along with some financial things, he pretty much made up half of his resume'. 

However, he may have lied but the one thing that he has that no one can take away is his skills.  The show, where would randomly pluck Robert out of his normal life and throw him into a location with no ingredients and cooking tools and expect him to prepare food for a large number of people, is new and no one thought of it before this show. 

He almost always succeeds in his role and his goal.  Feeding 200 people with nothing but a handful of jellybeans and some bread?  He can do it.  Feeding a group of starving natives in the middle of the Sahara with a camel and a toothpick? He could do it and make a dessert as well.

His cookbook is not as inventive and creative as the dishes on his show, but they are simple and complex at the same time.  Dishes like beef Wellington have foie gras as an optional ingredient, but not required as one can change it.  All of his recipes serve about 4-6 people and all are heart servings.  Great foods show up as traditional recipes and some new ones.  I can also say that while I haven't tried every recipe, the ones I did try were great.

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