Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It goes together like banana and strawberry...

Does banana and strawberry really go well together?  I don't know when the pairing of those two fruits first came to be. So they say that bananas were first domesticated about 5,000 years BC.  The strawberry that we know, was the result of a crossbreed from two different types, and was done in France in 1740.  So, I would guess that the first strawberry was eaten with a banana, maybe in 1740 in France. 

Now, what did or what could that duo of flavors have tasted like?  Maybe something like this:

Well, what is it?  That, which may not look like much, is my strawberry and banana pie.  Here is what I did:

These are my bananas and I took some softening strawberries:

I made some simple pie crust: ice water, flour and butter

Okay, as anyone does with a pie, made the dough, placed it in the dish, cooked it for 15 minutes at 355 degrees F with a piece of foil on the bottom, then removed it and cooked it for another 15 minutes.  Then sliced the bananas first and layered as much of the strawberries I could, into the dish.  Covering it wish some another piece of dough and into the oven it went for 45 minutes.  What came out wasn't necessarily the best looking item, but was a very, VERY, tasty treat.  If you want more info or the recipe for the pie dough, email me.

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