Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to St. Louis, Mr. Bourdain...

Thanks to my wife, she informed me on how to best annoy someone into getting what I wanted. So, last year, I send an email, followed by another and another and after a few emails to a staff member of Point Zero, I finally received a response.  I was selected, through my nagging, to be the person to set things up for a visit by Tony and his crew.  But what would we do and what could St. Louis offer?

Well, let's look at the best case scenario:

If I had Tony for just two days, what would we do?  Well, first off, it could be seen that he tends to go places that his wife and child can go as well. Well, through pure coincidence, my in-laws own a spa. That spa, is what Tony's wife and members of the crew can enjoy.  As for what his daughter can do, St. Louis has the best zoo in the country and it is free.  We have all sorts of things for kids and families as well as more than 6 shopping malls!

Now, day one would start with a trip to the World's Fair Donut store, near Shaw Garden, as it is repeatedly chosen as one of the best donut spots in America. Why not start off the day with some award winning donuts?  Next, a nice tour of The Hill and then stopping off in the Central West End at Kopperman's deli for some strange things like a tongue sandwich and such.  A nice afternoon stroll down Washington Avenue showing off the area that was gaslight square, for a little more history and then a run to a night ball game of the world series winning St. Louis Cardinals.  I don't know what Tony actually likes, but from his many journeys with  Zamir, it seems like he is always looking for the party spots but never really finding them.  Tony, welcome to St. Louis.  After a nice Cardinals game, enjoying st. louis local made beer and brats, there is nothing better than perhaps some casino run or a quick trip for drinks and a smoke at the local strip clubs.

Day two would start off with a nice walk and stroll through Soulard Market, where the local farmers bring their fruits and veggies to be sold. Always wonderfully fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and flowers as well as crafts can be found by people there. We would be there to sample and buy some ingredients for a large family dinner that evening.  After food is bought, I think that a tour of the A&B brewery would suffice and then a nice lunch in the city.  Dinner would be in Forest Park, under a park pavilion, as a large BBQ. What more st. louis than a st. louis style BBQ with everyone, family, friends and all crew members get a nice meal of dead animal flesh or pork.  Now that I think about it, maybe hiring someone who does BBQ for a living, like Kenerick's may work best.

Here is my idea and let me know what you think.

Come to st. louis, Tony.

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