Thursday, April 15, 2010

my little hostess...

Okay, I love sugary, rich snack cakes and love Hostess cupcakes.  However, since I do try to make everything a bit healthier than it normally is : ie, take out the HFCS, I found a copycat recipe and decided to play around. So, I made the cupcake parts:

Then I made the creamy white filling:

Then I made the chocolate frosting for the top:

The way this worked, was that you took the filling and piped it into the insides of the cupcakes, from the bottom.  This gave the insides, like a hostess cupcake.  Then placing the frosting on top made something that looked okay but tasted okay as well.

My problem was that the filling did not fill up the cupcakes, it only went as far as the piping bag fit in, so it didn't make a spot of filling at all.  I ended up cutting the cupcakes in half and placing a pat of filling on a side and then closing them back up.  Doing this recipe does need work to make them taste as good and work as the originals, so more work is needed in the future.

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