Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The problem with being human...

It is inevitable and it is not easily taken care of. We will all get sick sometime in our life and whether it is once or many times a year, it always strips our soul of everything that makes us happy and generally makes us feel like crap.  Within the past 3 days, my wife and both of my little ones came down with a flu knock-out that has me in a strange position: the last one.  I am the last one in the house and the timer is clicking down. They all think that I will get it, but I am hoping that they are wrong.  For you see, I strongly believe in holistic healing, which means that I'd rather eat an item than take a pill that has what that item has. I never understand the women who are at risk for bone issues and they refuse to drink milk.  They will sit and fight to swallow two calcium pills or chew some bad tasting supplements but won't drink the milk. 

My view, as a chef, is to make those healthy things into things that are so delicious that no one knows.  Imagine eating a chocolate chip cookie and getting your vitamins for the day.

But enough speculation....what have I been doing?  Well, being hope for a few days, with nothing to do makes a person like me, want to cook.  Right now I have some BBQ pork in a crock pot, home made BBQ sauce with that.  I made some fresh bread this morning, some hoppin john last night and likely will make some gelatto and some other goodies as well.  A chef, with plenty of time and supplies is a dangerous thing.

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