Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My rant against portions

While having no evidence to back up my claim, I remembered being young and choosing to eat Raisin Bran because the cartoon sun told me it had two large scoops of raisins in every box.  As a kid who loves raisins and the texture of something slightly gummy, umami-like, while the bran flakes became almost soggy and soft in the milk, I thought it was awesome.  Since those years, I have always had the expectation that when a cereal says it has something else, like a treat, the non-healthy part of the cereal, I expect there to be a lot.

Have you opened a box of Lucky Charms lately?  It would appear that there are more marshmallows than cereal.  I told my kids one day that I remember a time when they had just introduced purple horseshoes via a cartoon commercial.  I felt like I had won the lottery.  It was awesome and I remembered that my brothers and I would open that new box, with new marshmallows and down the whole box in a Saturday morning, in front of the television.  Now, I think there are 20 different marshmallows and I would say that about 60% of the contents of that cereal mix, are in fact marshmallows.

While in Target, I picked up this:
I know that pictures lie, but it looks like that with every spoon of cereal, you will get these dark chocolate chunks.  Here is the funny thing: I poured my first bowl of this cereal, and after seeing about 10 chocolate chunks, thought it was cool and looked forward to eating my next bowl.  My wife came over, saw the cereal, thought it looked good and poured a bowl for her.  She had 2 pieces of chocolate in her bowl.  She complained and I looked through the box, and saw that it was out of chocolate pieces.  How could a box, which is from a fictional "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory" and be called "Chocolatey Almond" have so few chocolate chunks in it?  It was good, but where are my loads of chocolate?

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