Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bobby's Burger Palace

Yep, that isn't a play on words.  The real name of the restaurant is Bobby's Burger Palace.  The palace looks like a fancy restaurant, with very casual diner aspects about it.  There is an open kitchen seen on a wall made of reflective mosaic tiles and bricks.  There are large community tables setup to resemble picnic tables.  By the kitchen, is a counter that looks like it is made of one very long and winding and curving piece of wood.  

In what is supposed to be a palace of burgers, every main menu item is a burger.  This just isn't normal burgers either, some are turkey, some are beef and all of them have different toppings.  I picked out a burger called the L.A. Burger.

This burger, was cooked medium well, was seasoned well and then had this mound of guacamole on it.  It was spicy: spicy guacamole.  But it was good too.  Everything went in harmony and to quote my favorite judge from the original Iron Chef "the flavors dance within my mouth."  I'd give a 4 out of 5.

What was a real killer though, was the dark chocolate milk shake.  It comes out in a regular 16 ounce glass and I think to myself that it likely just tastes as good as a Steak n Shake shake.  Oh, but I was wrong.  This shake comes out with so much chocolate flavor that it tastes like someone had melted down a Hershey's chocolate bar and I was sipping it through a straw, without the acidity.  The shake came with a large straw as well, about twice the thickness of a regular straw, so you could enjoy it quickly, or work your way to a brain freeze faster.  It was awesome.

So, my review?  I suggest that if you are in the Hanover/Baltimore area and you are looking for a nice quiet bite and you want something simple, like a burger, fries and a shake, then go to Bobby's Burger Palace.

7002 Arundel Mills Circle
Hanover, MD 21076 

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