Thursday, October 3, 2013

My trip to Bailey's Range

Situated nice and not too far away from the bigger things downtown, Bailey's Range is right on the SW corner of 10th and Olive.  It is a two story restaurant and the main kitchen and bar area are downstairs while the upper portion has a view more tables and an open balcony area so you can see the restaurant below.  It is done in a very industrial and clean style, so there is glass and stainless steel around with a few great pictures of animals in nature.  Bailey's Range is a burger place, but unlike other burger places, this one is using grass fed cows or other animals as its main source and all the beef comes from Missouri.

So, we get there and order a soda, off of their huge soda drink menu and then order food.  I order a burger called Dave's Smoked Burger, which is described as "smoked beef patty, grilled onions, fontina, lettuce, tomato, rooster mayo".  I opted out the cheese and went with everything else.  I also ordered a side of fries and what is cool here, is that they have your regular fry sauces like mustard, ketchup and mayo, but they tweak this by adding variations of flavor and spice to each one of those.  My burger comes up:

The burger was big and juicy and tasted good.  It had a very nice smokey flavor to it and the grilled onions were huge, like whole petal size.  The buns were nice and home-made and had some butter on them before grilling.  There was also the rooster mayo on it and it just tasted really good, like an easy 4 out of 5 stars.

The fries came secondly in their own container.  The dipping sauce I picked was some more of that rooster mayo.  All sauces come in these tiny and sometimes little glass jars which add to the atmosphere considering that the water decanters on the table are giant water bottles and the glasses that you get to drink from are mason jars.  The fries were cut well, tasted fine and were seasoned perfectly.  An easy 3 out of 5 on those.

I will say this, when I got here for my meal, I was with a party.  So, the 8 of us were well taken care of and unlike other restaurants, had a good sitting area and so forth.  There was no problems with the two kids we had with us too.  This means, that if you are a family, whether you are large or small, this place seems to be able to take care of you well.

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