Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Hot Aztec downtown...

I know, I got your attention didn't I?  I'm sorry, there is no hot Aztec girl downtown.  (Or hot Aztec guy, if that is your angle.)  The Hot Aztec is a food truck, the OTHER taco truck or Mexican food truck downtown.  This one is difficult to miss as it is painted a pink and purple motif.  This truck can easily be seen driving anywhere downtown; possible even through the thickest of winter fog.

I really don't and won't argue and compare and contrast this Mexican food truck with the other Mexican food truck I checked out last week.  I think that should be something for you to see for yourself.  All I can do is tell you about my experience and what the food was like here.

The Hot Aztec is a family owned and operated food truck serving family recipes that are Mexican street food items.  Hot Aztec uses only organic or local ingredients, if they can get them.  Also, the food items are also biodegradable.  I did like how the Hot Aztec people set up a sandwich board, and used that to show some explanations of what some traditional Mexican ingredients are.  If you are going to order a taco and it has something called "Cotija cheese", you can see the definition and then understand what it is and whether or not you want it.  Pretty good idea.

Now, after looking at the menu items, I made a decision.  I picked the al pastor.  This dish, is just the same name as one I ordered in a Mexican restaurant in the Lake of the Ozarks.  The dish is supposed to be a baked chicken, perfectly seasoned and served with some grilled onions and pineapple.  This is what I received for $4.
It was a taco, made on two corn tortillas, and with little cubes of juicy, perfectly cooked and seasoned chicken, with some chopped onions, grilled pineapple and cilantro.  It was good.  It was just as I remember it supposed to have tasted and was right on the money.  Everything was cooked fine and I had no issue with it and it was an easy 3 out of 5 stars for me.

Unfortunately, this is all I had a chance of trying.  They have more menu items and serve items for breakfast as well so I will have to come back and try more.  The only issue I have with them, is that they say that they serve "authentic Mexican street food" on their Facebook page and yet on the page, they say that they serve "gourmet Mexican cuisine!".  Then they suggest that you will not find the "beans and rice Mexican food...", which is sad because I tend to enjoy the beans and rice more-so than the proteins.  Still, I suggest checking the Hot Aztec out because from what I can tell, they do change their menu from time to time.

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