Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mexican style

Until today, I was a food truck virgin.  I knew that there has been a huge number of food trucks stalking the workers of St. Louis for a few years now and there is even one street dedicated to the food trucks serving people downtown.  What I never did, was experience them. I don't work anywhere near downtown, so when these food trucks are out and about, it is impossible for me to leave work and track them down to get a bite.  Yesterday, I had a rare opportunity to spend some time in downtown St. Louis from about 9am to 1:30pm., which was a perfect chance to check some of these out.  I always wanted to try a food truck and my thought was that every chance I get, I will try one out and talk about it.  I tried two out this morning but will only focus on one of them.

While relaxing and taking pictures for fun in the City Garden, I saw the Taco Truck.  The Taco Truck is owned by Tomas Pedro and serves what I think is authentic Mexican food.  It is not your Taco Bell tacos being served here, but real Mexican food that tastes fresh and delicious.

It was my first time there and I just wanted to try the food, so I ordered the Mexican Tacos with steak and within minutes I was handed a large container with 3 tasty tacos, some fresh limes and some fresh pico de gallo.  I had what I thought was a good amount, for $7.00 even.

Without mentioning other taco locations or other Mexican restaurants, it is important to note that some places sell tacos this same size and weight for about $3 each.  This would make the meal from Taco Truck equivalent to a $9 meal at other spots.  So, the amount of food for the amount of money was a good deal. Now, the pico de gallo was good and tasty.  Everything tasted like it should, so the vegetables were fresh and crunchy and you could tell that it didn't come from a can.  The steak was juicy, tender and well seasoned. The onions were perfectly browned and tender and yummy.  The tortillas were warmed up and everything was easy to eat with little to no food falling out while munching on these.  Oh yeah, you have to try their hot sauce and a good squirt of fresh lime juice on them.  The lime juice picks up a citrus side of the cilantro and the whole thing explodes with happiness in your mouth. This was good, and furthermore: it was really good.

You can find Tomas Pedro and his Taco Truck, Monday through Friday on Market Street downtown.  While there are other places to get Mexican food downtown, I seriously would recommend skipping them and doing all of your business at the Taco Truck.

Now, you can find out what is happening or where the Taco Truck is by checking their Twitter:

And don't forget to visit their facebook page for more information and photos:


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