Monday, August 22, 2011

My review of the Molecular Cusine Starter Kit, from ThinkGeek

So, ThinkGeek is offering something that looked so fun and fantastic that I had to get it.

This kit was $79.99 and came with a few things so that you can work your way through all 50 something recipes. 

The box with the "T" on it, is for the tools, like a slotted spoon, pipettes and some other fun stuff.  I have already made some caviar the regular way so I thought I would try their version of spherification would be fun because it would allow for a broad application.  I tried the ravioli recipe first and that meant that I was adding chemicals to drinkable yogurt and making medium sized spherical shapes in the bath to produce something as cool as below:
This is a strawberry flavored ravioli.  It was just as it was supposed to be.  The outside was a thin layer of gel as the inside was still liquid.  I think that the kit is great for those who want to get into Molecular Gastronomy or Molecular Cuisine and don't know how to get in.  The instructions are easy that someone new could get whatever they wanted out of this.  Be caution though: these type of recipes require patience and a keen eye for measurements.  If you are not strong in these virtues, find someone else to make this cool food. 

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