Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fun for the kids and edible

Yeah, it is a fun thing for kids to do, but it doesn't taste too awesome.  While on one of my wife's trips to JoAnn's, I discovered something interesting...
If you see this right, it is a sugar fondant pressed thin enough to be like a thick paper, which can be colored and shaped and placed on a cake or whatever.  To the right of the picture is some food coloring markers.  So, I cut the paper in thirds, gave a piece to each of my two sons and gave them access to the markers.  Then I let them go.

I'm not a cake decorator and not professionally selling anything so these may look a bit childish: and they are.  What is important to see is the color and easy way in which you can draw using the food coloring markers on this sugar paper.  After wards, we ate it.  In this case, the paper had a very subtle and sweet flavor.  The markers had no flavor.  I think of this as a great way to give kids something to do.  I would also suggest maybe making some sugar cookies or regular icing cake and letting your kids draw and play on it using these.

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